Firegold assists resource companies grow by creating unique corporate financing strategies that are executed by our experienced management team.


We enable our clients to optimize their shareholder potential through:

•public offering of shares
•restructuring of management team and board of directors
•ongoing investor awareness and marketing campaigns
•accessing a pool of technical, mining and management expertise
•providing investor relations, accounting, legal and corporate governance support


Our services include investment management, deal structuring and execution, portfolio monitoring and exit strategy assessment.


What we do for you

Creating market awareness to help in raising liquidity

Accessing the necessary technical support and investment advisory services

Introducing you to a global community or network of similar companies


Ways we work with you

Acquire an interest in your resource company which we will take public through Firegold on a European exchange

Incorporate other entities in the Firegold entity or directly take them public on a selected European stock exchange

Provide management services, create share awareness to optimize trading volume, take your company public with its own listing


How we do it

Our group maintains a controlling interest in an investor group which controls Firegold, a fully reporting public company

We will list Firegold on Euronext, the first global stock exchange, as the vehicle which creates liquidity for the companies it acquires.


What is Firegold?

Tamarack Gold Property, a gold mine located in Montana, is wholly owned by Millstream, a publicly traded company on TSXV

Firegold Company Ltd is a public company that owns 49% of Tamarack Gold Property, located in Montana, subject to providing financing to further develop the mine.


Calculated replacement cost and asset value of mine and equipment in Tamarack Gold Property excess of $16 million, according to the 43-101


Firegold will apply for listing on Euronext exchange to facilitate the cash flow necessary for mining operations.