About Us

Firegold Company Ltd. is a corporation with a focus squarely targeted on the mining industry for the purpose of participating in the production of precious metals. The Company’s Business Plan is to identify strategic opportunities in mining companies and/or projects that are at the advanced exploration stage and especially those on the brink of a production decision. The Plan also outlines the participation in the equity of these ventures through various legal models, such as; joint ventures; co-ventures; direct shareholdings; partnerships; secured lending relationships along with other possible financial commitments or arrangements. The Company’s expertise lies in securing and providing the necessary working capital in conjunction with the business acumen and support in order to empower the targeted company and its management to achieve its operational goals. Firegold has a 49% working interest in the Tamarack, lode gold bearing, Property with a financial commitment to fund the property upgrading capabilities from 60 tpd (tons per day) up to 300 tpd .