Copper and Cobalt

The Katanga region in the DRC is rich in Cooper and Cobalt. 60 % of global Cobalt production comes from Katanga DRC.

The Katanga Copper-Cobalt covers an approximate area of 50-70 km width and 400 km in length of the Lufilian Arc or Belt, a proven very rich stratiform Copper-Cobalt deposit. Our concessions are in the heart of the Katanga Copper-Copper Belt.

Our concessions have many Cobalt Occurrences located near major fault and Cobalt mineralization related to fracture filling type mineralization.

As we begin to rely on alternative ways to provide a cleaner world, copper and Cobalt will hold an important role in the advancement of technology and our society.

Recent news about Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) and worldwide demand for lithium ion batteries has driven the price of Copper and Cobalt as well as that of companies producing and exploring the resource to new highs.