Gold & Diamond

We have a consistent long term strategy of creating real value through the exploration of multi-million ounce gold deposits and their development into profitable, world class mines.

The permits and approvals required to conduct the work at Firegold Mining property are specified in the DRC Mining Code. Such permits and approvals have been obtained. Firegold Mining has acquired through four exploitation permits (PE), the exclusive mining rights provided by DRC government. These exploitation permits give Firegold Mining exclusive rights to carry out exploration, development, construction and exploitation works for a period of 30 years, renewable.

649 square kilometers define firegold property in the Maniema region with a proven Mineral reserve of Gold, Diamond and Coltan (columbite–tantalite)
Our Concessions are located in a region that also hosts Twangiza project from Banro Corp., Vector Resources LTD., Kibali project of Rangold Resources, Ashanti Gold and others.
The Mineral Resource base is considered to be well known. An estimated $28 billion worth of gold lies under the soil in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.